Katie Hopkins: A Life in Comedy (Selected Highlights)

The news that professional controversialist Katie Hopkins has managed to tweet her way into insolvency is hardly a surprise. Given her track record of vitriolic nonsense and lost libel cases, it was only a matter of time before her ego wrote a check that her faltering media career couldn`t cash.

More importantly, her latest misadventure provides an excuse to review Ms. Hopkins`s contributions to comedy. We could pore over innumerable tweets about women in burqas using iPhone Face ID, Scottish life expectancy and (edgiest of all) ginger babies, but in the spirit of Ms. Hopkins`s journalistic career, let`s not get bogged down in petty details, or any details for that matter. Let`s cut straight to the chase – the time Katie provided the set-up for perhaps the greatest tweet ever:


Further comment is superfluous.[1]

[1] A possible mantra for Katie to live by.

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